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Ground Rents

We are straightforward ground rent investors who always offer the best prices.


We are ground rent investors with experienced staff which helps with the speed of completion.

Short Leases

As ground rent investors we are especially interested in purchasing any ground rents with leases under 80 years.

Personal Service

When dealing with Lucrum Ager you will receive director access throughout dealings.

We Are Specialist

Ground Rent Investors

Lucrum Ager are largely private funded ground rent investors which means we can complete transactions quickly and securely. As ground rent investors we will consider any type of ground rent especially those with leases under 80 years.

Immediate Decisions

Once you have submitted all of the required information we will generate and fair price based on the market and we will make a no obligation offer for you.Lucrum Ager | Specialist Ground Rent Investors

Best Prices Paid

All of the no obligation offers we make are fair and accurate with the current ground rent investors market and on the current condition of your Ground Rent.Lucrum Ager | Specialist Ground Rent Investors

Any Size

As ground rent investors we accept any sized Ground Rent ranging from one unit to large portfolios and small developments.Lucrum Ager | Specialist Ground Rent Investors

Personal Service

When you are completing a proceeding you will have director access throughout the dealings to ensure security and efficiency.Lucrum Ager | Specialist Ground Rent Investors


Lucrum Ager are always receiving questions from our residents. So to save you and us time we have had a FAQ page constructed.


Should you wish to sublet your leasehold property. It is often a requirement of the lease to obtain the landlord’s consent and/or notify the landlord of any subletting arrangements.

Property Management

It is often a requirement of leases for the Landlord to arrange for the maintenance and upkeep of the buildings.

Property Transfer

When a tenant sells a leasehold property the purchaser’s solicitors will generally request certain information from the Landlord. Typically, this will relate to the status of the ground rent account.

Ground Rent Investors

Our ground rent investors department deal with all aspects of rent collection including rent reviews.

Landlords Consent

If your property has been purchased as a Leasehold interest, you may need the Landlord’s consent. Should you wish to make any internal/external alterations to your property.

Buildings Insurance

Standard leases for flats generally include an obligation for either the Landlord to insure. Or for the insurance to be placed with the Landlord’s nominated agent.


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If you are happy with the value we
have quoted, we will instruct solicitors
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As ground rent investors we are always looking to create new relationships and are more than happy to pay fees on any successful introductions.

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